Nutrition & Disabilities.

According to the Center for Excellence in Disabilities, West Virginia University, “Nutrition is essential for promoting growth and development in children and promoting and maintaining good health in adults. Good nutrition enables individuals to reach their full physical, mental, and emotional potential.”

Individuals with disabilities are often at risk for nutritional problems resulting from:

  • Special eating or feeding problems that make it difficult to meet nutritional needs
  • Movement or neurological limitations that affect activity levels and alter calorie needs
  • Weight problems (overweight or under weight)
  • Diets that are inappropriate or unbalanced
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies and other side effects of long term or multiple medications
  • Special nutrient requirements.

Our dietitians and nutrition consultants work with groups, individuals and caregivers to develop a nutrition plans that help those with special needs meet and maintain weight and health goals.

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